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Shenzhen Comofaje SMT Splice pliers a Simple Understanding

Shenzhen Comofaje SMT Splice pliers a Simple Understanding

With the use of smt splice tape, the popularity of smt splice tool is very important, on the first hand, a lot of material belt of the material can only be more accurately identified by the use of the material clamp, so the material clamp is an important tool for SMT patch components material belt connection.

So what's SMT? SMT (Surface Mounted Technology) is one of the most popular technologies and processes in the electronic assembly industry.

Its biggest advantage is that it can improve the work efficiency by 35%, save 40% of materials, fully use the surplus material, reduce the number of downtime, prolong the service life of the machine.

Its usage is also very simple, only need to cut the components with the splice tape, copper buckle mounted on the positioning needle of the splice pliers, the belt is pressed on the copper buckle, the pliers on the compression belt, the upper and lower clamp, and then exit the material belt so as to complete the feeding.

Now there are three kinds of material receiving pliers on the market, two are Siemens, and one is Shenzhen Comofaje Technology Co., LTD., the former is bulky, not firm, the latter is light, firm, convenient, more suitable for female operators.

SMT splice tool is mainly the copper buckle pressed into the edge of the material belt, the above affixed with the use of the material belt, so the portability of SMT splice tool is very important.

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