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    Finish Dull/ Shine

    Dimensions (length * width) : 10mx1.2m, 10mx1.0m, 10mx0.9m, 10mx0.8m, 10mx0.7m, 10mx0.6m

    Color: Green/black, blue/black, grey/black, yellow/black, black/black, brown/black

    Thickness: 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm,5.0 mm

    1. Tensile strength :3.6Mpa

    2. Elongation at break :188%

    3. Tear strength (right Angle):20.6KN/m

    4. Resilience (sample is superimposed by 6 layers of sheets):14%

    5. Impact embrittlement temperature (no incision)-250c: no damage

    6. Compression permanent change rate 700Cx22h. Compression 25%:17.9

    7. Temperature resistance :200 degrees Celsius


    The cushion is durable in use, with good acid, alkali and chemical flux prevention characteristics, and wear-resistant, easy to clean.

    Precautions for use

    ⒈ The product surface is strictly prohibited from contacting acid-alkaline solvents (such as benzene, alcohol, etc.), which may lead to discoloration, fading and resistance value decline. If cleaning is needed, the cloth may be stained with a neutral solution (such as water) to wipe.

    ⒉ the glue used both to and the bottom of the cushion product and the workbench material, both strong adhesion, and will not appear after the product stuck up shrinkage phenomenon. It is recommended to test and paste before mass production.

    3. Product shrinkage: the glue content of the product is higher than that of the general cushion, the durability is increased, and the tensile strength is improved accordingly. It is recommended that the product specification be extended and relaxed when cutting, and stored for 24 hours at the same time, so that the product has a fatigue recovery process, and then glue bonding production.

  • Product Description:Anti-static rubber floor mat is also known as anti-static table mat, anti-static rubber board, anti-static rubber, etc. Anti - static rubber is mainly made of anti - (conductive) electrostatic materials and dissipative electrostatic materials such as synthetic rubber.
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In order to reduce or eliminate electrostatic hazards, the production workshops and advanced laboratories of microelectronics industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits need to lay anti-static radio pad or conductive floor mat. When the anti-static radio pad (floor mat) is laid and grounded, the working face will release the static electricity of the human body. 

The ESD tweezers, tools, appliances, instruments, etc. that contact the human body and the countertop reach a basically uniform potential, so that electrostatic sensitive devices (SSD) are not affected by the wide step surface interference caused by electrostatic discharge phenomenon such as friction, so as to achieve the effect of electrostatic protection.

Established in 2003, We Comofaje set the head office(Shenzhen Comofaje Electronoc Co., Ltd) in Shenzhen and built our own factory(Dongguan Comofaje industry Co., Ltd) in Dongguan. Meantime, Shenzhen Comlon Electronic  Co., is the brother company of Comofaje.,which is a professional manufacturer specilized in making splicing products, clean wiper series, die cutting products, packing tape material and ESD products, including SMT splice tape, splice tools, Kapton tape, stencil wiper rolls, clean wiper paper, adhesive security tape,ESD clothes and ESD shoes, ESD gloves, ESD bags and other related cleanroom products. 

We are located in Shenzhen with convenient transportation access and our factory has 10 production lines. After those years’ development, we own almost 100 staffs and workshops covering more than 2,000 square meters. Technical development engineers and managers take about 5% of staff, who possesses strong development and design capability. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with I S O 9 0 0 1 standards and can be provided the MSDS and SGS report for customer checking.


We have strict quality control and inspection regulations to ensure the goods’ quality. Also, we have professional work team can making nice quality in short time to guarantee the on-time delivery. Our products exported to USA, French, Germany, Singapore, India etc.

Comofaje is not only your supplier, but also your good partner in China to gain the win-win achievement.

Q: Do you sell parts?
A: If you ordered an item from us and need a replacement part outside of warranty coverage, we are happy to help you place a replacement parts order! 

Q: Do you only sell genuine products?
A: Yes! We are proud to only sell only the best quality authentic products. Counterfeits are not allowed on our website. 

Q: What is the warranty coverage for the items I’m interested in?
A: Most of our products have warranties on manufacturing defects. Some products also offer a complete warranty from 1-5 years from the date of purchase. These warranties vary from
item to item! Which may be mentioned on the product listing, for any further queries, contact us regarding this and we will be happy to help. 

Q: How do I know if your product listings are accurate?
A: We have a lot of item data constantly being updated! Sometimes this may lead to issues like inaccurate product information, incorrect pricing or outdated product availability. We apologize for those issues.

Q: I checked out the shipping ETA on the product page, but I need this item sooner! Can you ship it any faster?
A: If you need your product faster than what is estimated, we may be able to offer overnight or two-day delivery at an additional charge. You can raise such a request and our team can update the shipping options on the phone and can choose the suitable option by paying the corresponding charges.

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